Web Profile Enhancement

An integral part of service plans is to raise clients’ online profiles using proven digital strategies to highlight our professionally crafted compositions. These strategies rely on techniques including search engine optimization (SEO), keyword/metatag enhancement and geotargeting to assure that the compositions we write and post online render high rankings in results from Google searches conducted by potential clients, both nationally and in their geographic areas.

These techniques include:

• Arranging the publication of links to materials posted on clients’ websites on key publishers’ sites, channeling traffic from target populations. Readers develop a favorable view of client firms from bylined authors’ knowledge and expertise as showcased in posted compositions, including white papers and blogs. Links are added to these compositions to entice readers to browse other pages of client sites.

• Placing articles on prestigious editorial websites that drive search engine optimization (SEO), creating an associated high profile for bylined authors published on these sites and assuring that their names appear high in web search results. High-traffic editorial sites employ fulltime technical staffs to optimize their sites from Google searches to obtain maximum visibility through high rankings in search results. By arranging the publication of clients’ articles on such sites, we enable them to leverage this SEO. As a result, when prospects Google the names of advisors who are bylined authors, their articles published on these websites come up high in search results.

• Working with clients’ webmasters to include in white papers and blogs appropriate, targeted metatags--coding that causes desired sections of documents posted online to surface high in Google search results.

• Writing and publishing press releases that call attention to white papers posted on clients' websites as noteworthy industry thought leadership items. We arrange publication of these releases on leading business news services to drive traffic to clients' sites and gain even broader exposure through the web indexing that these services offer.

• Advising clients on appropriate, strategic topics for white papers and articles, based on analysis of web data on reader interest trends, to deliver optimal Google search results, thus enhancing web presence.


Our Credentials Set Us Apart

  • Decades of professional publishing experience as financial writers/editors.
  • Consistent record of helping clients achieve thought leadership messaging goals.
  • Familiarity with a broad range of financial fields.
  • Mastery of web strategies that leverage written materials to heighten clients’ online profiles.
  • Relevant degrees from prestigious universities.