Our Services

Article placements

A highly effective way for advisors to build their brands is to publish original thought leadership articles that showcase their knowledge and expertise. After consultation with clients, we produce such articles according to the most demanding editorial standards. Articles carry advrsors' bylines and bios, as well as their URLs. We arrange the publication of articles as genuine editorial content on leading financial websites read by retail and institutional markets. For clients who engage us for comprehensive thought leadership publishing programs, the appearance of articles on target websites is guaranteed--or there is no charge for them. Publishing articles heightens advisors' Web profiles because it leverages editorial websites' extensive SEO, producing high rankings in Google searches. This confers credibility with prospects.


Sponsored content

Financial services firms seeking broad exposure without constraints on content by publications often see the value of posting large quantities of thought leadership articles on selected editorial websites in exchange for a fee charged by these publishers. Depending on the goals and resources of the client and the audience involved, this can be a highly effective method of brand building in targeted markets. We arrange these contracts with publications, negotiating the lowest possible fee for the client, and generate all related content. These programs, which include web optmization strategies, enable small and midsize organizations to significantly increase brand awareness and make reputational gains against larger competitors who may have a dominant web presence derived from robust sponsored content programs of their own.


Because of their breadth and depth, some messages cannot be effectively conveyed through articles, white papers or blogs. In such cases, clients may require the more comprehensive communications tool of a book under their authorship, which can be distributed to prospects and mentioned in thumbnail biographical sketches, Having a book on the office shelf--or in digital form, linked from the firm's website--can be part of an advisor's professional identity and can shine a highly beneficial light on his or her firm while serving as a powerful personal image enhancer. We work closely with clients to produce original volumes or e-books that express their ideas in their voices and withstand the test of time, serving as personal statements that perennially confer gravitas on the author and inspire confidence among clients and prospects.


Company histories

When companies reach a certain point in growth and development, some find it fitting to chronicle their histories in the form of a book or a lengthy article for posting on the company website. Internal benefits include building esprit de corps, contributing to the corporate culture, identifying critical milestones, chronicling achievements and creating a testimonial record. External benefits include enhancing identification with the company’s mission among stakeholders and clients; creating positive appeal for customers, clients and prospects; demonstrating the excellence of company business models; inspiring confidence in the company's leadership, integrity and trustworthiness; and explaining how the expertise, credentials and thinking of founders and their successors has led to the company’s success.


White papers

There are times when white papers are the most effective way for financial and business professionals to showcase their knowledge and expertise. These thought leadership compositions do not have the length limitations of published articles. Moreover, the absence of external editorial constraints means that the possibilities for topics and subject matter are virtually unlimited. Hence, bylined authors can demonstrate their conceptual mastery and technical skills on a far more granular level than is possible through published articles. We work with clients to develop appropriate topics and produce compelling, original white papers to post on their websites and include in marketing materials. Using proven digital strategies, we assure that these papers generate high rankings in Google search queues.



Posting regular blogs on your company website is an excellent way to stay in touch with clients and address issues of concern to them in a timely manner. We produce finished blogs reflecting the bylined author's personality and personal style, building a distinct identity with readers that engenders confidence and trust. Clients need not be concerned about the difficulty of conceiving blog topics because we guide this process for them. In ramping up to work with a client, we identify their central viewpoints and professional philosophies so we can suggest timely blog topics along these lines and produce them with minimal input from busy clients, who can then suggest adjustments. Like other compositions we write for clients' websites, blogs will be indexed in results of Google searches.

Our Credentials Set Us Apart

  • Decades of professional publishing experience as financial writers/editors.
  • Consistent record of helping clients achieve thought leadership messaging goals.
  • Familiarity with a broad range of financial fields.
  • Mastery of web strategies that leverage written materials to heighten clients’ online profiles.
  • Relevant degrees from prestigious universities.