Areas of Expertise

We have extensive editorial backgrounds in a broad range of advisory fields, including:

Investment Management

Individual and institutional investing, pension funds, fixed-income and equity securities analysis, portfolios/weightings, risk management, private equity management, alternative investments, tactical/long-term allocation, tax efficiency.

Outsourced CIOs

Program development, vetting service providers, money manager selection, asset allocation, cash-flow needs, risk tolerance, risk management, expected returns versus liabilities, investment objectives, performance benchmarking.

Wealth Management

Portfolio management, alternative investments, small-business consulting, succession planning, executive benefit planning, private placements, estate planning, trusts, charitable giving, multifamily office services, concierge services.

Investment Banking

Valuation methodologies for public/private companies, guidance on industry valuation methodologies, valuing previously unvalued asset categories, esoteric alternative investments, IPOs, transaction opinions, Chancery Court rulings.

Financial Planning

Life planning, retirement planning/vehicles and income streams (401(k), defined benefit plans, IRAs, Social Security), retirement lifestyle goals, education planning, withdrawal rates, insurance, annuities, retirement plan advisory services.

Executive Compensation

Performance incentive design, pay/performance benchmarking, compensation governance, proxy disclosure, severance agreements, deferred compensation, dilution mitigation, shareholder relations, compensation plan optics.

Our Credentials Set Us Apart

  • Decades of professional publishing experience as financial writers/editors.
  • Consistent record of helping clients achieve thought leadership messaging goals.
  • Familiarity with a broad range of financial fields.
  • Mastery of web strategies that leverage written materials to heighten clients’ online profiles.
  • Relevant degrees from prestigious universities.